I stopped journaling for a while, although I had promised myself not to. The past month of traveling and interviews has not given me the space and time to reflect. In some ways, I am glad. This trip to Haiti was rough, as all trips to Haiti have tended to be, although never before like this. Frustration, and sweat, and more frustration. I broke in ways that I didn’t think I can be broken in anymore. The trip is over, but Haiti never quite ends. She is there. One day, while eating my morning cereal and settling back into my American life, she’s going to break loose on me. But for now, she has been patient.

And luckily so. I have been traveling from city to city for the past four weeks and will continue for the next month. The superficial interactions that come with meeting new people have been a relief. They are fun, not emotionally exhausting.

Haiti has drained that side of me.